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You Have to See Police Officer’s Uncanny Resemblance to Dwayne Johnson

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Imagine getting stopped by the police and you look over, and it’s the real life Hobbs. 

Fast & Furious fans in Alabama are convinced one local officer is actually Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—because he looks like his identical twin! 

In the past couple weeks, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has shared two photos of Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields in a tight tan T-shirt and black aviators. The Facebook posts blew up with fans flipping out over the ripped celebrity doppelganger, who also has a shaved head. 

“Wow, I would have sworn he [was] the Rock!” one wrote on Facebook. Another teased, “Nice try Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, you guys got The Rock working there part time, don’t you?” 

A local TikToker shared the photos in a video that’s racked up 320,000 likes. “People swear up and down it’s him,” she said. “This is insane… You cannot tell me that is not Mr. Dwayne.” 

It sounds like Fields has already become somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown. The Sheriff’s Office stated that an employee at the Hartselle Walmart asked another officer if he could meet Fields. 

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The Groucho

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