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Why Aren’t More People Talking About What We Do in the Shadows?

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Due to his love for the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire, Guillermo is desperate to become a vampire and is very dedicated to Nandor. Yet, as the series later reveals, Guillermo is actually the descendant of Van Helsing, and has knack for killing vampires. Alexa, play Alanis Morissette‘s “Ironic.”

As for the vampires themselves? Laszlo and Nadja’s relationship has inspired a multitude of quotable moments. “Laszlo is my big, crazy, wild bear,” Nadja notes of their eccentric romance in season one, “and we love to chase each other around the house.”

After footage shows Nadja threatening to kill her immortal partner, she adds, “We have a great time together.”

Don’t worry about Laszlo, he later murders Nadja’s human lover, Jeff (Jake McDorman). Love never dies, right?

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The Groucho

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