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What’s Not to Love About Cameron Diaz and Her Iconic Rom-Coms?

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There is something about Cameron Diaz. Especially today. Oh, that’s right, it’s her 49th birthday!

Though currently retired, the mom of daughter Raddix has a resume that is a work of art worth celebrating. Over two decades, she transformed into Lotte Schwartz in 1999’s Being John Malkovich, Natalie Cook in the 2000’s Charlie’s Angels and voiced Fiona in all of the Shrek movies. Truly, what can’t she do? We don’t know. 

And as much as we loved her in those iconic roles, we want to especially highlight her illustrious romantic comedy history, in which she has played characters who ranged from sweet to spicy (and dare we even say raunchy?) and made her co-stars seem just as obsessed with her as we always are. 

The list of our favorite rom-coms our favorite heroine has starred in seems endless, but we are going to give it our best shot and applaud them all.

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The Groucho

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