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Watch the Today Show Team React to a Streaker on Live TV

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It’s way too early for this surprise!

Just when Americans were sipping their first cup of coffee and trying to get out the door, the Today show experienced an unexpected guest on live television. During the 7 a.m. hour on Monday, Sept. 20, Craig Melvin was trying to tease what stories were coming up. There was just one problem: A streaker was on the loose near the studio windows.

“Oh, there was a naked runner,” Craig casually shared before Savannah Guthrie spotted him again.

“There he is. There he goes,” Savannah shouted on live TV. “Where are your clothes?” As for Hoda Kotb, she delivered a friendly “bye” before adding, “Get your clothes on!”

Before the viewer could see too much, it was time for a commercial break. And ultimately, the moment drew laughs from the crew and viewers watching at home. In fact, the jokes quickly started appearing online with one calling it a major “news flash.”

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The Groucho

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