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Uzma Khan Malik Riaz & Banana Republic | What Next?

Uzma Khan Malik Riaz & Banana Republic | What Next?
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By now entire Pakistan has come to know the episode of Uzma Khan a Pakistani actress who was having an extra-marital affair with son in law of Pakistan’s powerful man – Mr Malik Riaz, got humiliated and tortured after wife of her alleged boyfriend invaded her house in Lahore’s posh DHA with several guards.

This is not new, Pakistan has seen such cases where the elite uses its influence to destroy homes and carry out such kind of blatant torture with impunity but with PTI’s forming the federal government gave ray of hope to Pakistanis who thought things would be different. However little do we realize that it is not just about governance, its about the very system and society that is deeply corrupt, immoral and power-hungry.

I am under no capacity going to justify Uzma Khan’s intimate relations with a married man known as Usman because adultery should not be accepted no matter what however I am extremely appalled to see how easily it is for anyone to enter your home with bunch of guards and beat the hell out of you – worst record a video humiliating you without showing an iota of fear that such videos could go against the offenders in the court of Law.

But then one should argue what are the courts in Pakistan doing? if you rich, and rich enough to be like Malik Riaz then you don’t need to hire lawyers rather get the judges on your pay-role and do whatever you wish to do. Videos Malik Riaz’s daughter and wife along with several guards torturing the actress and model is everywhere on social media since yesterday and by now 27/5/2020 not a single media channel has reported the incident, not a single media channel.

Ladies and gentlemen I am talking about media that does not refrain itself from attacking Pakistani leaders, military generals and you just name it you will find every single entity under the strict scrutiny of media except Malik Riaz. Reason is very simple – money, Malik Riaz bought journalists and media persons just like he bought judges and bureaucrats.

What is more frightening is that the lady who was torturing Uzma khan was heard threatening them by taking name of an ISI officer. ISI is Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency which is highly regarded by Pakistanis as an institution but can you believe the level penetration of Malik Riaz into the institutions of Pakistan that even Pakistan’s most respected institutions are safe from his influence.

Here in one video, Hassan Ali Khan the nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan who happens to be a lawyer exposing the police which was refusing to lodge FIR against the daughter of Malik Riaz despite of open evidences in terms of videos and witnesses. Following is the video

Uzma khan took to social media stating that she will fight for her right and justice, she sounded very persistent and determined while requesting civil society and media to back her up, if you look at the situation on social media, vast majority of Pakistanis would be found supporting Uzma Khan.

But there is a catch, very little we have seen elite getting accountable for their actions and Malik Riaz is simply an another story. Here is what I suspect that would happen as far as this case is concerned. I hope and pray that I am proven wrong but this is what is going to happen as far as my cynicism is concerned.

Malik Riaz will eventually buy bunch of influential opinion makers, bunch of high ranked police officials, bunch of judges and ensure that Uzma Khan is pressurized, her character is assassinated, her career is dumped and once the heat is up, he may offer Uzma Khan a lucrative deal to shut the case which in my opinion will be accepted and the matter would die down by passage of time and everyone will be back to normal.

The only thing that won’t be normal is Pakistan remaining a banana-republic where elite has a right to your life, your happiness, your privacy and your safety. I hope I am proven wrong but I am saying this with my understanding of Pakistan, I am hope I am proven wrong and a precedent is set. I hope.

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Anna Rouzy

One Comment

  1. Brilliant piece. Usman is son of Malik Riaz Sister In Law. I feel disgusted when I heard Malik Riaz daughter saying “Get ISI people here to pick these ladies”. How can these words go unnoticed???

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