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US Open 2021: Raducanu v Vögele, Barty v Zvonareva and more – live! | Sport

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Alexander Zverev added fuel to Toilet-gate moments ago, co-signing Andy Murray’s criticism of Stefanos Tsitsipas’s controversial use of bathroom breaks. The fourth-seeded German went on to repeat a previous accusation: that Tsitsipas used his phone to text his father during a lengthy bathroom break during their Cincinnati Masters semi-final meeting last week:

Q. A two-part question. Do you know anything about the toilets on the moon, is number one? What was your reaction about …

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: It was just again. It’s happening every match. It’s not normal. It happened to me in the French Open, to Novak at the finals the French Open. You know, I think in Hamburg against Krajinovic he was complaining, against me in Cincinnati was ridiculous, and now here again. I think players are catching up on that.

To be honest, he’s the No. 3 player in the world. He’s a top three player in the world. He’s one of the best in the world at what he does. I do not believe that he needs to do that, because if you’re top three in the world, you’re one of the best in the sport. These kind of things happen at junior events, at futures, at challengers maybe, but not when you’re top three in the world.

You are allowed to do that, but it’s like a unwritten rule between players. That’s something that I said it before, I mean, yes, I have been breaking racquets, I go insane sometimes and all that, but one thing I’m very proud of, and I will keep it for the rest of my career, is I win and lose by playing tennis on the tennis court.

Q. Do you think he had his phone in the bag in Cincinnati? Are you convinced of that? Were you surprised …

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: At the end of the day, I didn’t ask that question, I didn’t get asked that question in Cincinnati, which I was very surprised at, because I was going to answer that very truthfully and honestly. He’s gone for 10-plus minutes. His dad is texting on the phone. He comes out, and all of a sudden his tactic completely changed. It’s not just me but everybody saw it. The whole game plan changes.

I’m like either it’s a very magical place he goes to or there is communication there. But I also don’t want to disrespect him. He is a great player. He is No. 3 in the world for a reason. He’s winning tournaments and playing incredible tennis this year for a reason, so it’s not only that.

But I do believe, and Andy said it, as well, there is some level of respect that everybody needs to have between players. I feel like, yeah, sometimes — or he might just go to the toilet. We don’t know that. That’s also possible. But it just happens too often, I would say.

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