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Twitter is on fire after Bajwa’s speech calling for stable Indo-Pak relations.

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The recent speech by the Chief of Army Staff has sent Twitteratis in a frenzy as users flood the platform with their reactions. India and Pakistan, as well as international users, have voiced their opinions regarding the speech.

Yesterday, at Islamabad Security Dialogue, General Bajwa stressed the need for establishing peace between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue as it is “time to bury the past and move forward.” He also stated that national security is not only restricted to arms, rather it is multi-layered.

“National security is thus multi-layered. The outer layer being the exogenous factors of the global and regional environment, and the internal layers being indigenous factors of internal peace, stability and developmental orientation”, he added.

Twitter users have praised General Bajwa’s speech and his efforts for initiating peace between India and Pakistan. The Minister for Information and Broadcasting even called the speech eloquent.

“Insightful and eloquent speech by General Qamar Bajwa explains Pakistan’s security paradigm, ” Fawad Hussain tweeted.

However, General Bajwa’s speech has divided Twitter as people are comparing his speech to what ex-PM Nawaz Sharif said in 2016.

According to Twitter users, Nawaz Sharif was called a traitor for stating the same things that General Bajwa has said, and they have demanded an apology regarding the Dawn Leaks.

Others questioned how the comparison could even be made and said the comments were deliberately being twisted.

Meanwhile, users from India have mocked the speech with claims that Pakistan has shown defeat.

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Batool Imami

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