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TV Scoop Awards 2021: Vote for Best Plot Twist & More

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Warning: The below features spoilers for several TV shows.

Twists, turns and tear ducts that burn—this past season of TV has been an emotional roller coaster!

For the next round of polls in the 2021 TV Scoop Awards, we invite you to vote for the best episode of the year, the most gut-wrenching farewell and the top plot twist.

Among the nominees, Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds finds itself as a contender in two categories today: Best Episode and Best Plot Twist. The first ever episode of The Wilds was a memorable one: It started off as a simple survival story, only to blow our minds with that social experiment. Of course, that wasn’t even the biggest twist of the season, as soft-spoken Nora (played by Helena Howard) was later revealed to be a mole for the Dawn of Eve study.

Wynonna Earp is also a double nominee in the latest poll, as it too is up for Best Episode and Best Plot Twist. The SYFY series went out with a bang for its fourth and final season.

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