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Try to Guess Why Snooki’s Kids Think She’s an Emmy-Winning Actress

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Snooki is an international reality TV star—except to her children.

The mother of three hilariously shared during E! News’ Daily Pop on Aug. 25 that her kids have no idea what she actually does for a living. “Well, as of right now, they think I’m an actress,” the MTV Cribs star exclusively shared today. “They think Jersey Shore is like E.R., like an actual scripted drama series. So I’m good for a little bit. ‘Mommy is an actress, she’s won a lot of Emmys and she kills it.'”

Snooki added, “But I feel like once they’re, like, 18, I can be like, ‘Alright, kids that was really mommy, and she was a mess.” 

Fittingly, Snooki co-hosts new MTV comedy clip series Messyness with actual former TV star, Tori Spelling. “She’s so chill. She doesn’t try to be this classy ’90s actress,” Snooki gushed. “She’s a mess, and she’s a perfect person for this show. I love working with her. I always wanted to be a host. I always wanted to be like Oprah, but late night.” 

Snooki is also encouraging her children Giovanna Marie LaValleLorenzo Dominic LaValle and Angelo James LaValle to find their own passions, hopefully outside of Hollywood.

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