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Travis Barker Jets Off to Italy With Kourtney Kardashian, Honors DJ AM

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For years, Travis avoided planes and took cruise ships to his concerts abroad. In a Men’s Health magazine interview published in May—five months after he began dating Kourtney—who often travels by air, the musician expressed hope of flying again. He echoed such comments in June on Twitter, writing, bluntly, “I might fly again.” 

“This has been something that Travis has been working on for some time,” a source close to Travis told E! News regarding the musician’s return to the air. “It’s something he’s wanted to do and to overcome. Kourtney has been incredibly loving and supportive and it is through her love, help and confidence in him that he was able to finally do this. The people that have been close to Travis since his crash are so very excited for him.”

Following the Cabo trip, Travis wrote on Instagram, “With you anything is possible @KourtneyKardash.”

Kourtney replied, “Anything and everything with you.

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