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Tokyo Paralympics 2020 day four: athletics, swimming and more – live! | Sport

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Triathlon gold for France and USA


Hello world, welcome to our ongoing coverage of these 2020 Paralympic Games. Some athletes are already up and running (and swimming and cycling), with four triathlon races starting early. More on those in a tick.

For now, and courtesy of my colleague Martin Belam, here are the other main points of focus on another busy day in Tokyo.

All events are listed here in local Tokyo time. Add an hour for Sydney, subtract eight hours for Sheffield, 13 hours for New York and 16 hours for San Francisco.

  • 9am-7.36pm Archery – there are qualifying rounds all day tomorrow, but we get to our first medals at 7.16pm with the mixed team W1 bronze and gold contests 🥇
  • 9am-11.18am and 5pm-7.47pm Swimming – there are another 14 finals in the second session, which concludes with the mixed 4x100m freestyle relay S14 final 🥇
  • 9am-3pm and 4.30pm-9.30pm Table Tennis – we get the first medals, with 42 semi-finals in the morning session guaranteeing a bronze for whoever loses. Yes, I said 42. This is not some kind of Douglas Adams in-joke. The afternoon session then has five gold medal finals 🥇
  • 9.30am-12.50pm and 7pm-9.49pm Athletics – there are 16 gold medals available on Saturday in a packed stadium programme 🥇
  • 9.30am-2.20pm and 4pm-8.50pm Boccia – this gets under way on Saturday with a whole range of individual pool matches.
  • 10am-12.50pm Track cycling – after some qualifying races the medals today come in the men’s B 1000m time trial, the women’s B 3000m individual pursuit and the mixed C1-5 750m team sprint 🥇
  • 11am-6.30pm Powerlifting – four competitions throughout the day, with the medals in the men’s -72kg and -80kg topping and tailing the women’s -61kg and -67kg 🥇
  • 2.15pm and 5.30pm Wheelchair rugby – the mixed competition reaches the semi-final stage
  • 4pm-6.40pm Judo – the medal bouts on Saturday come in the women’s -57kg and -63kg and men’s -73kg and -81kg 🥇
  • 5.30pm-8pm Wheelchair fencing – after a day of competition, by 5.30pm it is time for the medal bouts of the men’s and women’s foil individual in both category A and category B.
  • ??am-??pm Wheelchair tennis – after today’s heat debacle, I’ve genuinely got no idea what time the tennis will start or end, and currently on the Paralympics schedule there are still some TBDs in the match listings which suggest an 11am start. So, there will be some wheelchair tennis at some point is all I can say with any confidence.

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