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There’s Something Fishy Going On With This Home Economics Promo

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Somebody call Dancing With the Stars, because they may have themselves a whole new cast of pros. 

According to a new promo for Home Economics, exclusive to E! News, the cast of the ABC comedy is, like, really good at dancing. Sure, their initial moves are pretty standard, but then they break out some hip hop skills that might even manage to impress Len Goodman. Then again, if Topher Grace could break dance like that, wouldn’t we have known about it already? 

Something feels a little sketchy about the dancing on display here, but we’re not mad at it. In fact, we hope to see much more as Home Economics returns for its second season this fall. Perhaps a musical episode? We’d never say no to a musical episode, especially after that karaoke episode last season, where Tom (Grace) showed off his power as a party killer. 

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The Groucho

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