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The Sweet Way Blake Lively’s New Business Honors Her Late Father

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Betty Buzz comes in five flavors: Tonic Water, Sparkling Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon Club Soda, Sparkling Lemon Lime, and Ginger Beer. And while fans can pair it with spirits, Blake said they can also drink the mixer on its own. 

 “I don’t drink. I know that’s odd coming from the wife of an infamous gin slinger,” Blake said, referencing Ryan’s Aviation American Gin brand. “Over the past many years of mixing but not drinking cocktails, it became clear mixers are the unsung heroes of the drink world and deserve just as much love as alcohol. We’ve spent the last three years crafting Betty Buzz and are so excited for people to finally taste it.”  

And for anyone doubting that timeline, Blake had a response for them, too. “I know every celebrity says they’re ‘so excited to unveil this secret project they’ve spent years on.’ And it always seems questionable. Years? YEARS?? You won’t get that here…,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “I’m mortified that I spent 3 years obsessing over the exact bubble size and quantity for the perfect, tightly explosive pops.”

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