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The french magazine “Charlie Hebdo” is again in the headlines.

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No stranger to controversy, French magazine Charlie Hebdo has faced massive backlash and criticism over the years for twisting the concept of free speech and hurting the sentiments of multiple groups around the globe.

While the magazine is already notorious for mocking the religious sentiments of the Muslims by portraying offensive cartoons of the Prophet (S.A.W) and for their imprudent take on the struggles of refugees, It has once again taken the Internet by storm with the latest edition.

Following the recent Oprah interview, the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon mocking the royal feud.

Oprah’s latest interview with Meghan Markle and Harry has been all the buzz on the internet for the past few days and that is all the world has been talking about. However, a cartoon mocking the Queen, Meghan Markle, and the tragic murder of George Floyd was published in the latest edition of this French magazine and it has upset a lot of people.

With the Queen’s foot on Meghan’s neck and a mockery of George Floyd’s last words, “I can’t breathe” on the cover of Charlie Hebdo, people are left appalled.

In an obvious attempt to ridicule Meghan’s racism concerns and George Floyd’s murder, the cartoon on the cover photo is titled ‘Why Meghan left Buckingham Palace’ and people are horrified at the ignorance of the magazine.

People from all corners of the world came forward with criticism over the highly problematic cover of Charlie Hebdo.

People even pointed how the world had chosen to remain silent when the magazine had been blatantly Islamophobic.

Little to no reaction was seen when the magazine had mocked the Prohpet (PBUH). However, now with the British queen under the attack of this free speech, the reactions were far greater.

People pointed out how this magazine has been veiling their ignorance in the name of humor

While the cartoon has provoked people from all around, the prevalent ignorance of the magazine has no match.

Veiling its blatant ignorance and mockery behind the veil of humor and freedom of speech, It is no shock that Charlie Hebdo is criticized so often.  Not only do these cartoons manage to hurt the sentiments of a massive number of people, but such abuse of freedom of speech also belittles the struggles and sacrifices of marginalized communities.

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Batool Imami

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