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The expelled viral couple got married.

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A simple act of love landed this couple from University Of Lahore in hot waters after their proposal video got viral. While this gesture, in itself, held nothing but sentiments of love and affection,  The internet had conflicting reactions and in no time, comments from all around were pouring in regarding the viral video.


With ghairat brigade on high alert, drastic steps were taken against the young couple and they were barred from entering their university

The viral video of the couple did not sit well with the UOL administration, apparently, and thus the young couple was expelled from UOL and their entrance to the campus, prohibited.

Not sated with just an expulsion, the UOL admin went ahead and issued a new set of rules for the students to follow and to avoid any such expressions of love in the future.

There was so much negativity against the innocent couple that the guy was even forced to issue a statement to the public saying that people shouldn’t criticize the girl and hold only him responsible

Chivalry is not dead, apparently.

Well recently, news of the couple’s marriage began to surface on the internet

News broke that the couple had apparently gotten hitched yesterday.

The young couple have also responded to the rumors and it feels like they might have hinted at the news being true

With the news of the couple making their relationship acceptable for the prude public of Pakistan, people are now asking the university to take them back

Now with the couple being married, people on the internet are demanding that the expulsion be annulled and the students are taken back into the university for the completion of their education.

While it seems like all is well for the awaam now, there exists a concern regarding the priorities of our authorities and people of this society who choose to bring forth nothing but backlash towards such harmless sentiments of love while keeping a blind eye to issues that actually need to be worked upon. With this being said, We, here at MangoBaaz, wish the young couple a blissful union and warm wishes for their future.

We’ve reached out to both, Hadiqa and Shehryar, but have yet to receive an official response at the time of publishing this post. We’ll update you on their comments as soon as we get confirmation.

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Batool Imami

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