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Teyana Taylor Talks Tough Recovery After Having Breast Lumps Removed

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Keeping her daughters close to her heart. 

Teyana Taylor underwent emergency surgery in Miami after finding lumps in her breasts during tonight’s Aug. 25 episodes of We Got Love Teyana & ImanHer physician, Dr. Altman, conducted a biopsy on Teyana’s “dense” breast tissue and sent the samples out to pathology. Thankfully, everything was normal with Teyana’s breasts, despite the “complicated” procedure, according to Dr. Altman. 

“I just want this to be the last time I go through this,” Teyana explained. “Cancer runs through my family, so it’s a scary thing both for me and Iman [Shumpert].” 

And, Teyana’s first question post-operation is about her two daughters, Rue and Junie: “When will I be able to hold my babies again?” 

Since the surgery was conducted on Teyana’s chest and under-arms, Dr. Altman encouraged Teyana to wait six weeks until she lifts her children.

“It’s tough, I’m definitely overwhelmed because I miss my kids so much, I miss Iman so much,” Teyana said in a confessional during her week-long recovery away from her family.

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