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Stranded ‘Cargo Vessel’ in Karachi dragged into 150 ft deep water

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Karachi: A cargo vessel stranded at Karachi’s beach is dragged by 150 ft in deep water, stated the shipping agent involved in the operation on Monday.

“Cargo motor vessel (MV) Heng Tong 77 was dragged with a tug boat and a crane barge by 150 meters to the deep sea,” stated shipping agent Capt. Asim.

“The high tide will also remain at 11:00 in the night and tomorrow. The ship will be tugged by 100 meters more,” said Asim.

Capt. Asim said, “The vessel after being dragged to the deep sea, will be diverted to a berth”.

“Both the engines of the ship have been started and propellers are also functional,” he said.

The local operation to drag the stranded ship has been completed, stated Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Maritime Affairs Mahmood Moulvi.

“The ship will be surveyed after its anchorage at a berth, It will be allowed to sail after complete repair,” stated Aide to PM.

He said “Two tug boats, an operational boat, and a crane barge participated in the operation to pull the grounded vessel.”

The process of the cargo vessel got its preliminary success after a crane barge, intricated in the operation and was also stuck at the beach was re-floated.

The grounded crane barge was pulled yesterday during high tidal waves in the sea by the rescuers.

The Ship was waiting for a crew change outside the Karachi harbor while on its way to Turkey from China when tidal waves initiated it to lose its anchors and start wandering towards the shore.


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