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Should Pakistan learn from Turkish Drone Technology?

Should Pakistan learn from Turkish Drone Technology?
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The Turkish media outlet, TRT has published a stunning report about Turkey’s combat drone technology which is truly a game-changer in the war-torn middle-east.

Drones are one of the most lethal and amazing military technologies in modern warfare. They are extremely useful in eradicating militant groups within or without the boundaries of the state. They pick up their targets with the utmost precision which offers minimum civilian casualties.

Turks have developed an amazing fleet of unmanned combat drones that have significantly destroyed anti-Turkey militant strongholds not just inside Turkey but also in Syria and Iraq where terrorists like PKK: Kurdistan Workers’ Party (seeking independent Kurdistan) take shelter.

Watch this amazing video report by TRT World

This shows the level of commitment of the Turkish state to protect its people from terrorists posing an existential threat. Militants who otherwise have an advantage of remaining camouflaged in civilian outlook while targeting the government installations and the military, become helpless while facing the combat drones who usually target them without bringing the presence into their notice hence the results are mostly positive. The drone operations are being carried through intelligence-based reports.

Just watch this another amazing TRT report on a particular Drone operation carried by the Turkish military.

Now, where does Pakistan come into the equation here? Just like Turkey, Pakistan is also in a constant phase of war be it external (India & Afghanistan) or internal (Taliban, LEJ, and Baloch militants) which is also openly backed, funded, and fueled by the hostile neighboring states of Pakistan.

While external war is not a threat to Pakistan anymore ever since the development of its nuclear technology, the in-direct warfare which is also known as proxy-war remains a grave threat to Pakistan’s existence. Pakistan has lost about a hundred thousand Pakistanis including civilians, political-leaders, officers, and soldiers in this low-intensity war.

Pakistan spends most of its annual budget on its defense because of the security challenges it faces but does it make sense if our policy-makers in Pakistan are not investing in technologies that are worth the consideration for the challenges it faces?

While Pakistan does have a combat drone technology and it has used it in some of its anti-terror operations near the Afghanistan border but there is a need to put more emphasis and focus on this technology to make it consistent or permanent counter-terror operation usage.

Here is one video report about Pakistan Armed Forces using its indigenously developed combat-drone against Afghan terrorists.

Hundreds of Pakistani paramilitary soldiers get killed in regions like Waziristan and Balochistan where terrain favors the militants who use mountainous regions to ambush the security forces conveys, the use of IED bombs are also extremely disturbing for the poorly equipped paramilitary force.

Such ambushes and IED attacks are hurting the morale of our troops who became helpless when attacked and this keeps repeating again and again. Its about time Pakistan learns from Turkey and use combat-drone technology for counter-terror operations in Balochistan and Waziristan by equipping it for the paramilitary like the Frontier Corps which is a frontline force in securing Pakistan.

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