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Shawn Johnson Doesn’t Care What You Think Of Her Breastfeeding Journey

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Still, everything’s a learning curve.

After exclusively pumping with Drew, “I know everything about pumping there is to know,” she noted. But now nursing for the first time, she’s finding herself still experimenting with positions and how to most efficiently and comfortably nurse in public. And then there’s that one feed, usually in the early evening, “Where I just want to cry,” she admitted. “I’m just like, ‘Okay, you’re screaming, I know you’re hungry. You’re probably tired. Why won’t you eat?'” 

Sharing her woes on Instagram, she learned two things: Babies can be freakishly strong when they’re resisting and her struggle is very common. “Every single mom came back and said, that’s normal and we deal with it,” she revealed. “Evidently, that’s just the witching hour and every baby goes through it.”

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