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See Lala Kent & Charli Burnett’s Explosive Pump Rules Fight

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It seems that not all of the Vanderpump Rules apply equally…

Charli Burnett and Lala Kent go at it over double standards amongst the Bravo stars in a jaw-dropping exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode, airing Oct. 5. 

It all started when James Kennedy apologized for his past wild child ways on the road to redemption. “I don’t want to come off as that couple where I’m just bringing her down, dragging her down, I’m the problem child in the relationship,” James admitted. “And she’s just always got to put a cap on me or fix my mistakes. It reflects badly on me.” 

In a confessional, James’ fiancée Raquel Leviss added, “And it reflects badly on me, like I could be the kindest, sweetest person but oh, her boyfriend is a little crazy.” 

Tom Schwartz applauded James’ emotional growth and self-awareness. “Two years ago, I would have said this is a f––king broken record,” the TomTom co-founder revealed. “I would have been listening with one ear and rolling my eyes. But right now I feel like, s––t, you’ve made leaps and bounds.” 

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