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See a Spot-On Coldplay Impression on Clash of the Cover Bands

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Don’t be fooled by this exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow’s premiere of E!’s Clash of the Cover Bands: That’s not Coldplay performing on stage.

It’s actually a cover band of the famous British rock group, and judging by the performance in the above clip, it’s safe to say they’ve got both the look and sound down—a must if they want to stand a chance in the competition to win a $25,000 top prize and the opportunity to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Aptly titled Fix You, the tribute band regularly performs to live audiences around the world, covering one Coldplay classic after the other. 

For their Clash of the Cover Bands debut, Fix You has opted to perform “Clocks.” 

There’s no telling if they’ll be able to outdo their first opponent on the all-new episode—Unforgettable Fire covering the music of U2—but one thing’s for sure: Between the spot-on dance moves and vocals, the lead singer could easily be considered Chris Martin‘s doppelgänger.

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