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Ryan Reynolds Channels Inner Ted Lasso at Wrexham Soccer Match

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Ryan Reynolds channeled his inner Ted Lasso at the Wrexham F.C. match, alongside co-owner Rob McElhenney.

Ryan and Rob bought the Welsh soccer team earlier this year, and finally saw their players in action on Tuesday, Oct. 26. The Deadpool and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actors watched Wrexham go up against Maidenhead United at the York Road stadium, a moment that Ryan described on Instagram as “staggering, heartbreaking, gorgeous, tommy-gun of soul-deadening, evil and beauty.”

He added, “I’m never sleeping again ever ever.”

The actors were joined by Felicity Blunt (who is Emily Blunt‘s sister and Stanley Tucci‘s wife), along with actor Humphrey Ker. Not to mention an entire camera crew, which is documenting Rob and Ryan’s efforts to help the team rise in the rankings.

This marked the first time the Hollywood big shots personally attended a match, as they’ve previously been unable to visit due to filming and other commitments. 

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