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Pakistan’s efforts in Afghanistan is being recognized worldwide: FM Qureshi

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The foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated on Monday that the world has started identifying Pakistan’s hard work for instituting a comprehensive government in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is operating special flights for deporting its citizens and people of other nationalities from Afghanistan.

542 foreign nationals were expatriate to Pakistan today, while more than 3,000 foreigners have been transported to Islamabad to date, stated the foreign minister while addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

FM Qureshi said the world was fixated on Pakistan after the chaos that had taken place in Afghanistan, as he guaranteed the world that Islamabad sought nothing more than peace and stability in Kabul.

Qureshi claimed that Changes are taking place in Afghanistan’s situation every day”.

FM Qureshi said, he had articulated to his Danish, Swedish, Turkish, and Belgian equivalents on the concerning matter.

He said, “Safe evacuations from Afghanistan are important.”

The Saudi FM has asked Qureshi to shift the Kingdom’s consuls from Kabul to Pakistan.

There is compression on the Kabul airport, but the complete condition in Afghanistan is developing quickly, he said.

Further adding he said that the current situation in the country’s capital Kabul is better.

Whereas, he said that the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions have been given admittance to the monitoring cell established in the Ministry for Interior.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a crisis management unit, he said.

“The international community should remain in contact with the Afghan Taliban,” he added.

Furthermore, he anticipated that the Afghan land would not be used by the barred Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to takeoff assaults in Pakistan.


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