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Pakistani Media More In Pain for Rishi-Kapoor Than Riyaz Naikoo?

Pakistani Media More In Pain for Rishi-Kapoor Than Riyaz Naikoo?
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Not surprising though, Pakistani media seemed more concerned or in pain for the demise of Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor than the Kashmiri freedom fighter Riyaz Naikoo who got martryed by Indian occupational forces during a gun battle in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

Riyaz Naikoo wasn’t an ordinary Kashmiri commander, he was a well educated, articulated and a very popular personality in Kashmir right after Martyred Burhan Wani who was also martyred by the Indian forces in 2015, Riyaz Naikoo believed in life, he use to teach students in the school located in his village, he wanted best for his family and his people but the brutal Indian oppression literally crushed his hopes and compelled him to pick up arms and defend his people.

It is pertinent to note that according to any neutral source, India has killed around one hundred thousand Kashmiris ever since the rebellion against Indian occupation started in 1988 and thousands of women have been raped with impunity. If this was not enough, thousands of Kashmiris remain disappeared who were forcefully abducted with no trace to be found, their families till date are not sure if they are dead or alive.

Riyaz Naikoo was one such Kashmiri who had it enough and tried to resist the oppression through militancy. His bravery became talk of the town and many young men started following him. Nine hundred thousand Indian forces were searching for him for 10 good years but he remained safe until a traitor within his ranks tipped off the forces about his presence and which then eventually led to his assassination.

While Indian media and its leaders are rejoicing the murder of such a valiant and gallant human being, many believe his martyrdom will only pave the way for more young men to pick up arms and defend their motherland.

Riyaz Naikoo was a staunch Pakistani nationalist, he believed in Kashmir’s merger with Islamic republic of Pakistan and he strove really hard for it. He made public appearances during 14th August Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations to mark his solidarity with the people of Pakistan, charging crowds with pro-Pakistani slogans and emotions despite of the fact that the Indian forces were looking for him.

But what happened after his martyrdom is something to be ashamed of in-case you are a Pakistani. Pakistan media largely remained silent about the development and instead of running an active campaign for Kashmir and tribute for this brave man who remained loyal to the Islamic Republic; Pakistan media opted to rather mourn the death of Bollywood actors like Rishi Kapoor and Irfan Khan.

It is such a shame that no one in Pakistani power circle took this matter to its importance and hold media persons responsible for their indifference even though vast majority of Pakistanis payed their love, regards and tribute to the fighter on social media. Will Pakistani media ever set its priority straight?

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