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Pakistan Sent Locusts To Kill Indian Soldiers: Indian Media

Pakistan Sent Locusts To Kill Indian Soldiers: Indian Media
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Not a day passes in India without indulging in their usual anti-Pakistan rhetoric. The obsession with Pakistan for Indian media is taking a new tall when national mainstream media channel host Mr Arnab Goswami accused Pakistan for sending locusts in India to kill the Indian soldiers.

Just yesterday Indian military arrested a pigeon claiming that it was spying for Pakistan while this locust theory is just new low for India. Nevertheless, it is providing some great entertainment to the netizens who believe India under Modi has become world’s finest meme factory.

Here watch the video while holding popcorn in your hands. Nothing beats these pro-Modi Hindutvadi journalists.

Indian media has a history of blaming Pakistan with just anything they deem important to malign Pakistanis as many security officials believe it to be a part of India’s perpetual propaganda warfare but such claims like accusing crows and pigeons to be spying for Pakistan or now locusts being sent to attack the Indian defenses are not just bad-propaganda, they are simply lame meme content.

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The Groucho


  1. Why do Pakistan need any alexpensive weapons when Indian army is so week and overt that we can hurt them with Locust attack and pegion spying and chinese army even do not need any thing like this they just walk in and kick them out.

  2. Why to kill you with locusts when ur army just Jootio ki maar hai? And this creature called arnab goswami, iske Ghar to Bacha bhi hojae to ilzam Pakistan pe laga deta hai

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