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Can Overthinking get you killed?

Can Overthinking get you killed?
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Overthinking is a very serious issue and should be dealt with care. People every now and then have been in situations, but in this time of life this problem has exponentially increased people nowadays have become so obsessed about their work, their lifestyle, their progress that it’s their fear which makes them suicidal at times and they evaluate situations and over-analyze things without realizing what mess they are really creating not just to themselves but to others too

You’re sitting on a couch with a piece of paper and a pen drafting your business, designing it skillfully, analyzing your immutable enterprises when all you were, just a nursery kid who was supposed to be in his bed by now cause it was already 10 pm.


At times we feel so contained that a multitude of concerns assail our thoughts and we let it dominate over our skull sized brain. Clouded by ambivalent incidents and experiences we feel that our heart is sinking. Where we fail to embrace or comprehend any sort of situation.

Maybe overthinking is like an addictive drug as if a person is on Adderall and instead of sleeping he keeps on analyzing, assuming, deluding idiosyncratic scenarios as If he’s the Albert Einstein of his town.

Thoughts wanting to landscape but a barrier in my ear that doesn’t let it vent out.

It’s like a heart and mind conflict.

But guess what that not all!

It has types instance

1) OMG!!!  I saw a guy with red brunette hair that cascaded till his ears he had this lyrical smile indigo blue eyes that were looking in mine and I felt like I’d die from the excitement in my heart and ended up dwelling in my own delusional lorry of mystical imagination.

Or maybe

Someone suffering from legit breakup wondering and questioning from their loved ones in imagination, the oceans separated us remember honey how I’d die for you?

Or maybe someone living in their own fairytale

2) Consequences, turmoil, we did this oops now what will we do or now what will happen now? It is the fear maybe of rejection or retaliation…

Why do people overthink?

Well is that even a question? Never mind,  people overthink because of the experiences they’ve had in their life which made them sensitive it eats them like a termite they lose all their confidence and feel nonexistent.

It’s our society that we could blame which equally includes our parents, our close acquaintances. The competition that has been created about comparing the progress starting from a simple school report card and ending on our financial status has corrupted the mindset of every person.


People may suffer from weird mental disorders I call them weird because they are self-created. For me it’s like as if I am playing a board game and with the fear of losing I struck my hand to knock down every token and dice kept on it making my opponents’ victory vulnerable.

Or as if I were a lamb ready to get slaughtered and the prickling dancing blood, juggling from my carotid arteries and jugular veins was spraying the floor as if watering the desperate herbaceous plant.

Or as if someone’s lambasting me in PUBG game shooting me triumphantly like I am useless trash ready to get thrown away.

Or in easier words, it feels as if someone’s stealing my lays chips from my cupboard making my quarantine days impossible.

Overthinking is like losing the grip of your bottle and spilling all the water on your clothes as if happiness is meant to wash away as if it’s actually outdated.

For example after the famous album reputation, Taylor Swift actually went in severe depression after her harassment case and the clash between her and Kayne west. We have immense examples of the famous personalities who battled with depression and some of them even tried to take their lives.

Can overthinking kills you?

A study from UC Santa Barbara suggests that thinking too much about something leads to poor judgment and decision making it lethal in some situations.

Overthinking is basically fear and fears of such type never end they keep on haunting you as if you’re chasing the moon through your car window. I believe it already makes us dead inside.

So how to puke this feeling out?

Before you lose all your colors, come back to life!  Don’t hurt the good ones and trust the wicked. Find yourself because you are invincible and overthinking, it’s nothing but a good idea to turbulent your negative energy into a positive one. You can ink out whatever bothers you it’s the best thing to do and I do the same. People all over the world have created this Taboo that if you’re mentally sick consult a psychotherapist which isn’t even the right thing to do trust me to cause all you need is to get the solution of any problem from within you.

People consult therapists when they think they have no one to share their feelings with what they forget is that they have a family, their friends whom they could rely on if not them then at least trust your daily dairy where you can vent out anything that disturbs you. Haven’t you heard the story of the fence where father gave his child a bag of nails and asked him to hammer it in the wall every time he is angry?

No one’s perfect! So why do you expect to become one? After all, life is just a classroom and after every storm, there’s a rainbow that you have to witness!  Why live in the shade when you can shine under the bright sun for the rest of your life?

So you got to step into the daylight and let it all go just let it go!! And witness your happiness.

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Mahnoor Amir


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