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Nicole Kidman and Other TV Stars Who’ve Tackled The Toughest Accents

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Nicole Kidman may be a Hollywood star, but deep down, she’s an Aussie at heart.

The 54-year-old actress was raised in the suburbs of Sydney, so when it came time to become Masha for Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers—in which she plays a Russian living in Australia—it didn’t take much work to nail the accent. 

And it certainly helped that she went totally method, basically living as Masha for weeks on end, even after production wrapped for the day. She told E! News in a recent interview that her husband, Keith Urban, was amused by the character. “He enjoyed Masha when she came home,” Kidman shared, “He kind of liked the Russian accent, I have to say.”

But as Manny Jacinto divulged in a separate interview, even one of the greatest actresses of our time has yet to master the Canadian accent. He said that he showed her how to say words like bag, joking, “That was my small contribution to the array of accents that Nicole can pull off. If she does a Canadian accent later down the road, I think she has to thank me for it.”

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