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Natalie Morales Is Leaving Today for a “New Adventure”

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Natalie Morales is saying a bittersweet goodbye to Today.

On Friday, Oct. 1, the west coast correspondent for the morning news show announced that she will be leaving Today after 22 years. She wrote in an internal NBC News memo that she’s resigning from her position to embark on a “new adventure.”

“I struggle to find the right words and there are way too many people I need to thank for a wonderful career at NBC News,” the 49-year-old newscaster continued. “I think back to my early days cutting my teeth at (NBC affiliate) WVIT in Hartford, CT then taking the huge and—at the time—petrifying leap to MSNBC and alas—scoring the golden tickets to the Today show and Dateline.”

Morales said that she’s grateful to say her career was full of “adventure, challenges, travel, way too many early wake up calls,” and that it was an honor to “witness history unfold and to tell inspiring and impactful stories.”

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