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Morgan Willett Alleges She Was Cheated On Amid Johnny Bananas Breakup

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Morgan Willett is addressing the difficult time she’s endured since splitting with The Challenge mainstay Johnny Bananas

On Sunday, Oct. 3, the 27-year-old Big Brother: Over the Top winner posted a pair of lengthy messages to her Instagram Story as she prepared to fly back to the mainland following a relaxing Hawaiian getaway with her family. In her posts, she wrote that the act of heading home is “the moment I’ve been dreading the most,” as it would force her to deal with real life again. 

“I’m hoping I’ll feel better if I know that what I’m going through will help someone else feel like they aren’t alone,” she shared, “because right now the thought of being alone is what sucks the most.”

In her messages, Morgan did not mention anyone by name but claimed to have found out in the past week that the person she “truly loved more than anything else” had allegedly been unfaithful.

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