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Modi Surrendered Galwan, Indian Media Humiliated & Indians Are Angry

Modi Surrendered Galwan, Indian Media Humiliated & Indians Are Angry
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Never in your life, you would have thought to come across a country which spends billions in its defense budget, surrenders its territory to another country without a fight.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese military, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) when it seized 70 to 80km of the territory that was once under the Indian military’s possession till the 3rd of June 2020. The fight took an ugly turn when Indian soldiers resisted the Chinese incursion on the ground on the 15th of June at the frontiers of Ladakh.

According to reports, soldiers from both of the countries fought with sticks and stones which resulted in the killing of the twenty Indian soldiers and the arrest of the other ten Indian soldiers including four officers. This development fumed entire India with rage and calls for boycotting Chinese products started to trend on Twitter. Some Indians even came out of their homes and started smashing down the made in China TV sets in order to express their anger.

Indian ministers and government officials started their usual chest-thumping rhetoric that they would teach China a lesson, pretty much sounds like how they reacted towards Pakistan, a six times smaller nation and the opposition parties in India too were demanding swift revenge from the Chinese.

While Indian media on the other hand started doing their thing which is what they are famous for on global state aka peddling fake-news to uplift the morale of the Indian people.

At the start when the news of the killing of twenty Indian soldiers appeared, the Indian media quickly gave a list of killing 43 Chinese soldiers. Not a single neutral source confirms the Indian claim, the worst part is, not even the Indian military confirms the number of casualties on the Chinese side.

So Indian media cooked up the story of killing 43 Chinese soldiers just so the actual killing of 20 Indian soldiers will matter less.

The hilarious part of this Indian-lie was that Indian media was quoting an unverified Twitter handle from China as a source while the same Twitter handle was quoting Indian Media as a source. A classic case of self-mockery.
Modi Surrendered Galwan, Indian Media Humiliated & Indians Are Angry

Modi Surrendered Galwan, Indian Media Humiliated & Indians Are Angry

Indian Media was quoting this Twitter handle named as ‘Wang Wenwen’ even during their live-broadcasts as a source to claim that India killed 43 Chinese soldiers during the fight. While Wang Wenwen was only quoting an ‘Indian Twitter handle’ as a source to make the same claim. See how funny is that?

The unverified Twitter handle was quoting ‘News Line LFE’ another Twitter handle which was merely three months old and it is not even a serious or credible news outlet, just a random Twitter handle.

The fake news peddlers of the Indian media got embarrassed by the same Wang Wenwen Twitter account who specified that she quoted some Indian-Twitter handle as the source.

Indian media came up with a list of names of the so-called ‘Chinese troops Killed In Action’ which were basically another fake-news attempt that got exposed.


Indian media’s circus of fake-news took an ugly turn when they displayed a fake story of Indian army recapturing the lost territories from China.

But the embarrassing Indian media continued its war-mongering instead of apologizing for deliberately lying about the casualty figure on the Chinese side even after being caught up.

Guess what happened when Indian media pulled up the ladder of escalation with China? The Indian Prime Minister Modi called for an all-party conference to discuss the strategy in regards to the development in Ladakh and to the surprise of Indians, their Prime Minister openly stated that not a single territory of India was seized by China.

That statement from the Indian Prime Minister is not just contributing to demoralizing the Indian military and the Indian public but also showing the level of commitment and seriousness of the man who pretends to be a strong leader of his country.

His statement got angry Indians asking if China did not intrude on the Indian territory then who killed those twenty Indian soldiers?

The Opposition leader also reaffirms the claim that the Indian Prime Minister has surrendered the territory.

What about the statements of other government officials which confirmed China’s role in seizing Indian territory. Here watch the following video and see how the Indian Prime Minister has been exposed as a compulsive liar.

It clearly shows that the Indian Prime Minister is officially surrendering the Indian territory to China but his lies are not going too well in India where Indian intellectuals, former military officials, and common people are completely demoralized and heart-broken.

A very emotional response by one of the Indian military veterans who thanked God that his children are not serving in the Indian army.

The opposition leader has also reaffirmed the claim that Indian Prime Minister has surrendered the Indian territory.

Some Indians even resorted to humor.

Jokes apart, India is epically humiliated not by China but by its own leader and the military while all Indian media is doing now is basically providing them a face-saving escape but with of-course fake news.

Prime Minister Modi’s statement only helped the Chinese narrative that they never invaded or annexed the Indian land, it was always a Chinese territory according to China that was illegally under India for some time.


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Anna Rouzy


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