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Met Gala Beauty Looks That Prove Style Isn’t the Only Way to Stand Out

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As Tiffany Pollard famously said: “Gorgeous is gonna, you know, devour cute.”

When it comes to the Met Gala, the goal is to be called something other than cute. Why? Because when it comes to the fashion extravaganza, it’s all about the more is more approach. After all, the Met Ball is the one event where larger-than-life ensembles, in-your-face accessories and exaggerated poses are encouraged.

And it’s safe to say clothes aren’t the only way to stand out at the star-studded affair.

Yes, wearing a theatrical design for the special occasion will certainly turn heads, especially if it complements the theme. However, that doesn’t mean the look ends there, as beauty plays a major role in one’s ensemble.

In fact, it can act as the perfect finishing touch to a swoon-worthy outfit.

Case in point? Lady Gaga shut down the 2019 fête with her spidery gold lashes, matching face jewels and bright pink lipstick. It added edge and glamour to her multiple costume changes on the red carpet.

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