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Megan Fox Reveals The Side of Her That MGK Has “Brought Out a Lot”

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are the pop-punk style icons we’ve always needed. And according to the Transformers actress, the couple’s symbiotic styles are no happy accident. 

Speaking with E! News after Moschino’s show at New York Fashion Week, Megan said they both influence and inspire each other’s looks. “He obviously is really flamboyant with his style,” she said of the rapper, who has rocked embellished pink nails and even a black tongue on recent red carpets.

“I always had a streak of that when I was young,” she said, before sharing how MGK has really made her come out of her shell since they began dating last year. “He has elevated that a lot and brought that out a lot more,” she shared. 

Megan said he “looks” to her for tips as well. For example, “when we’re going back-and-forth between what we want to wear, how he wants to be for couture,” she noted. 

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