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Mahira Khan Finally Expressed Her Love For….?

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You are in love, Mahira is in Love, we all just want to ask if he is the one? Are we going to hear the wedding bells soon? HSY questioned Mahira during an Instagram live session.

Pakistani Media Industry is unarguably blessed with some of the most finest and talented artists, and Mahira Khan’s name comes on the top of the list. Mesmerizing looks, captivating smile, and talent worth of zillion dollars, Mahira Khan is an epitome of excellence. People do not only adore her for her beautiful looks or unmatched talent, but she is also being loved for the beautiful heart she possessed.


Mahira Khan, originally born as Mahira Hafeez Khan made her entry to the set of this world on 21st December 1984 in Karachi Pakistan to Urdu Speaking Pathan Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hafeez Khan. She also has a younger brother Hassan khan who is related to the field of journalism.

An Enchanting Journey Of A Queen To Her Throne:

Mahira started her journey in the Pakistani Media Industry as a VJ from MTV Pakistan’s famous show Most Wanted, from where she got acknowledged for her looks, beauty, and voice and soon she made it to the big screens. Khan worked in three more projects but the one character that got her fame and showed the world her hidden talent was of Khirad, from Humsafar. A play by Momina Duraid where she appeared next to the hot-favorite Fawad Khan and took away all the limelight from him. She received numerous accolades including the Pakistani Media Award, Lux Style Awards, and Hum Award for the best actress.

Hence the journey begins. With every new project, she kept raising the bar for all the new and old artists. She became a part of numerous blockbuster movies like Bin Roye, Bol, and Ho Mann Jahan. The Queen of Lollywood made her debut in Bollywood with the King himself; Shahrukh Khan in Raees and there too she got acclaimed for her beauty and talents. She became the craze of millions and fantasy of billions of people, not only from Pakistan but from around the world as well, but very few know that the girl who is the heartbeat of many, has her own heart in pieces.

An Incomplete Love Story:

Life for Khan was not like romantic love stories, where you always get a happy ending. It was unfortunately a sad ending of her once happy love story with Ali Askari.
Askari and Khan met in California in 2006 where the cupid stroke his arrow and they both fell in love. Ali studied Film and TV Production at Univerity Of Southern California and later got associated with the Entertainment Industry.

After knowing each other, Mahira and Ali decided to tie the knot in a simple traditional wedding. Though Mahira’s father, Hafeez Khan was against this marriage as they say Love makes its own way. They both got married and soon became proud parents of a sweet little boy, Azlan. Life was complete for both of them when destiny took an ugly turn. Once a happy and iconic life came under the storms of arguments and differences.
Tension took place around 2012 when Mahira started to get a lot of work. It was too much that she couldn’t take time for her relationship and things started to get sour between them. Finally, Ali asked Mahira to leave showbiz, which she couldn’t at this stage of her career. Things couldn’t work out between them and this is when they both decided to part their ways by mutual understanding.
No matter how much strength you show, or how much practical or sensible you are, it’s always hard to say goodbye. To part ways with someone who was once felt like your destiny. Khan never showed but it was undoubtedly a hard time for a wife and a single mother, who had to raise her kid being both mother and father. In an interview with Samina Pirzada, she said that she never stopped loving his husband even after divorce. The love and respect in her eyes remained the same for him despite the differences they had in the past.

A Step To The Beautiful Beginning :

But time does not remain the same. It has been more than a decade since they part ways. Ali Askari has moved on with his life, and so is Mahira. She got fame, success, love, and prayers of millions of peoples but still, something was missing.

Her fans were curious about her personal life. They were astonished that either or not there would be any King for their Queen of Hearts, and yesterday they got something exciting.

Yesterday, during an Instagram live interview with the famous designer and choreographer, Hassan Sheharyar Yasin aka HSY she revealed the first time about the love of her life, Salim Karim.

“You are in love, Mahira is in Love, we all just want to ask if he is the one? Are we going to hear the wedding bells?

This question spread millions of colors on our beautiful diva’s face. She replied with an adorable hesitation:

  “I don’t know. I mean marriages and beautiful and weddings are even more fun but life doesn’t revolve around marriage. But if you want to know If he is the one, then yes he is the one” she said blushingly.

HSY said: Yes I know him, I know him personally he is a great and very handsome guy. If you will ask me, I will totally approve of him”

 He further asked, “Now you’re in love, his name is Salim, we wants to know that when you look at him when you look deep in his eyes what is the first thought that comes to your mind?”

 The starlet becomes puzzled when HSY took his name. The colors of the rainbow on her face along with that beautiful smile was something to die for. 

 Under that shy smile, she replied:

 “What are you making me do? Ugh I know this is going to be everywhere” she later took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a moment and said:

“There is a very beautiful dialogue from Humsafar which is “Pata nahi tum mujhe kis naiki ke badle mein milay ho” I feel the same for him. I must have done something nice in my life for which ALLAH has blessed me with this guy”

She further added: “I feel the same for my kid as well. He is my world, my life surrounds him, and I feel the same for him and all the people I love” 

It was one of the most amazing moment to see so many colors on her beautiful face. The shine in her eyes was talking way more than her lips.

For those who don’t know, Salim Karim is a young dashing entrepreneur and CEO of a Karachi based Startup called SIMPAISA. It’s a network carrier billing company that would let people making all types of payments directly from the Sim. The rumors are that they both exchanged rings in Turkey in a private ceremony. We wish her all the best and hopefully, soon we will get to hear the wedding bells, fingers crossed.

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