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Kourtney K. and Megan Fox Introduce “Future Baby Daddies” at VMAs

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Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox knew how to get fans talking during their big moment at the 2021 MTV VMAs

On Sunday, Sept. 12, the two stars took the Video Music Awards stage together, where they announced the night’s final performance that featured Machine Gun Kelly performing his latest single “papercuts.” Joining MGK on the drums was Travis Barker, who also plays on the studio version of the recent song.

“I’m a huge fan of this next performer,” Megan, 35, told the crowd. “I’ve watched him grow, and not just as an artist, but also as a person.”

This led Kourtney, 42, to quip, “I’m a fan, too, and I think his drummer is super hot.”

Megan then delivered the moment that made viewers’ jaws drop when she added, “New York, I need you to get extra loud for our future baby daddies, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.”

It was already a memorable night for MGK, 31, who took home the Best Alternative prize for “my ex’s best friend” featuring rapper blackbear

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