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Kids Take Charge of Home Makeovers in Backyard Blowout Trailer

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Where was this show when we were kids? 

Peacock‘s new DIY design series Backyard Blowout puts children in charge of creating their ideal backyards—and nothing is off-limits. There is no such thing as too big of a treehouse (we’re talking multi-levels here) or too crazy of a zip-line. And yes, some pre-teens even read our minds to put in a sauna for an at-home spa. Sigh, an adult can dream! 

Hosted by Waffles and Mochi puppeteer Jonathan Kidder and design expert Sana Garner, kids are encouraged to think big and get creative for when it comes to utilizing outdoor space. The 11-episode series drops on the NBCUniversal streaming platform on Sept. 16.

Children have to “balance the fun of their imaginations with the responsibility of their family’s needs,” per an official show description. “The series will provide kids with the perfect opportunity to create the seemingly impossible through a backyard makeover their parents have only dreamt about.”

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