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Khloe Kardashians Reveals Why True Thinks Psalm West Is Her Brother

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And now, everyone’s favorite quarantine game comes to life with the Candy Crush Saga All-Stars Tournament, with players across the U.S. competing to be crowned the ultimate Candy Crush All-Star, starting on Thursday, Sept. 23. 

“I am such a huge fan of the game,” Khloe gushed. “It’s so soothing and relaxing in a strange way, if I’m having a long day or if I’m on set or something like that I’m just quietly playing the game with myself and it just soothes me and relaxes me. I don’t know why because I’m so invested too, like it’s strange. It’s such a mind game and I’m thinking and doing all these things but it’s just so enjoyable and relaxing. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve played the game.”

Tune in to see Khloe’s hosting gig with a special sneak peek above!

The Candy Crush Saga All-Stars Tournament starts on Thursday, Sept. 23. 

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