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Khalid Al Ameri, popular blogger from UAE, tours Pakistan.

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A popular blogger from United Arab Emirates, Khalid Al Ameri, is touring Pakistan currently. The blogger shared his video of touring Islamabad on his social media account.

Khalid Al Ameri has a massive fan following in Pakistan. The blogger in his latest video is seen touring Islamabad and interacting with people. Khalid tasted different street food in Islamabad including Kashmiri Tea, Claypot Tea, and a burger from roadside food stalls. In the end, he ate a big chunk of Jalebis.

Khalid explained that he has been visiting Pakistan second time. With so much love and hospitality received in Pakistan, he is inspired to explore more of Pakistan, said Khalid in the video. He even talked to a few young people working in the UAE and asked them more about Pakistan. A young man talking to him said that Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world.

People asked him where is Salama, his wife, to which he replied that she is back in the United Arab Emirates for some work. However, they are planning a trip to Hunza and other northern areas in Pakistan soon.

In the end, he added that he will soon be heading to Peshawar. On March 20th, Khalid Al Ameri had posted his picture from Peshawar. He was seen dressed in a local pakol hat and traditional Kurta with jeans. His fans in Pakistan are eager to see more of his videos from his visit to Pakistan. He had visited Pakistan earlier and had met the President of Pakistan as well

A lot of foreign tourists have been heading to Pakistan thanks to social media disseminating the positive and softer image of Pakistan globally. A score of social media pages and accounts have sprung up in the last few years sharing the picturesque and beguiling landscape of Pakistan with the world.

In cooperation with the efforts of the government and local bloggers, tourism is again reviving in Pakistan.


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