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Kelly Clarkson’s New Christmas Song Might Be Her Best Breakup Anthem

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With Christmas still a few months away, Kelly Clarkson just gave us all an early gift.  
On Thursday, Sept. 23, the Grammy winner released her latest song, “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)”—and although the tune has a sweet medley to get you into the holiday spirit, its lyrics are directed at someone on the naughty list.

“Out in the cold / Standing where the trees meet the road,” she sings on the track. “This used to be our favorite spot in this town / Memories with you and me ruin it now / Like a winter dream and I bet I wasn’t the first, and I won’t be the last / Underneath that mistletoe, you’ve been so bad.”
Kelly later belts, “I’m not feeling incomplete / Turns out I don’t need a thing underneath my tree.” So, for anyone going through a bit of a rough time around (or before) the holidays, then this may be just the inspirational soundtrack for you.

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