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Kashmiri Freedom Fighter & Pak Nationalist Riyaz Naikoo Martyred in IOK

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Not a day passes in Kashmir without any tragic news since its occupation by India in 1947. As hundreds of thousands have lost their lives defending their right to self-determination for Kashmir, international community continues to stay silent.

India is murdering Kashmiris with impunity, shooting at civilians in an unprovoked scenarios, shelling Kashmiris across Line of Control and damaging their livelihood but there some Kashmiris like Shaheed Burhan Wani who stood up to resist the Indian oppression and died for the cause.

Burhan Wani has inspired thousands in Kashmir to not stay silent over the cruelty being imposed the common people and so young Kashmiris picking up guns to resist Indian invading forces and die in the process is everyday’s story.

One such heroic story appeared about Riyaz Naikoo, a Hizbul Commander of the Kashmiri resistance, a Pakistani nationalist got martyred while defending his people.

India is being globally condemned for religious extremism, anti-Muslim policies in India and more importantly its brutality in Indian occupied Kashmir but many people that merely condemnation through words won’t deter India, there has to be an aggressive reaction to stop India from committing genocide of the natives of Kashmir.

Following is the tweet of civilians rushing to help Riyaz Naikoo and getting shot down by the Indian forces.

Riyaz Naikoo was a young, dynamic Kashmiri youth who believed in life but seeing the misery of his nation, he was compelled to pick up arms and defend.

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