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Jed Duggar Faces Backlash for COVID-19 Joke in Pregnancy Announcement

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“She tested positive, but not for Covid.” 

That’s the punny caption Jed Duggar (of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On fame) chose on Instagram while revealing his wife, Katey Nakatsu, is pregnant with their first child. 

Jed, 22, added a winking face to his post and referred fans to the couple’s vlog of their baby announcement. “I have been feeling kind of funny the past few weeks. I’ve been having cramping, bloating,” Katey, 23, shared onscreen. “We just decided I need to take a pregnancy test.” Jed interjected, shouting, “It’s positive! Woo!” 

The pair, who got married in Arkansas in April, shared photos of themselves kissing while holding a sign that read “Baby Duggar Spring ‘22.” 

Yet, fans weren’t so thrilled for the parents-to-be because of the “insensitive” joke. Jed limited comments on his Instagram post, with family members Jill DillardJeremiah DuggarClaire Duggar and Jason Duggar wishing them a massive congratulations. 

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