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Jana Kramer Reveals the Dating Rule She and Ex Mike Caussin Agree on

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As she put it, “It looked like it didn’t bother him one second, and that hurt, you know? He’s just untamed and uncaged and he’s happy.”

The podcast host explained that she and Mike did get to speak that night, sharing, “I was, like, ‘This is awkward,’ and he’s, like, ‘Not at all.'”

“And I was, like, ‘Ugh, OK,'” she continued. “I’m glad that he was fine but at the same time…I talked to my therapist about it and just a little piece of me was, like, it would’ve been nice [for him] to be, like, ‘Yeah, this is hard, but I’m glad we can be cordial.’ Just acknowledgment that it might hurt a little bit.”

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