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Jake Gyllenhaal Clarifies Those Controversial Bathing Comments

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Oh, look! It’s that time of the month when the celebrity bathing debate resurfaces. 

Just when you might have thought we heard the last word on the showering saga of the stars, Jake Gyllenhaal addressed the issue once again, attempting to wash away his past remarks on his hygiene habits. 

“I don’t know what it was,” he said during a screening of his upcoming Netflix film, The Guilty, per BuzzFeed. “I answered a question where I was being sarcastic and ironic, and it’s followed me around.”
“Unfortunately, I showered before I came here,” he continued. “So…I’m sorry.”

The answer he was referring to was the one he gave to Vanity Fair, published in August, after he was asked if there is “anything revelatory” about his shower ritual. “More and more I find bathing to be less necessary, at times,” the star responded. “I do believe, because Elvis Costello is wonderful, that good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. So I do that. But I do also think that there’s a whole world of not bathing that is also really helpful for skin maintenance, and we naturally clean ourselves.”

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