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Is Kristen Stewart’s Spencer Worthy of the Crown? Critics Say..

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The early reviews are in and Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as the late Princess Diana, reigns supreme.

The biopic, directed by Pablo Larraín, is self-billed “a fable from a true tragedy.” And it has critics, who saw the film Sept. 3 at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, bowing down. 

Deadline‘s Pete Hammond praised Stewart’s performance, calling the film a “mesmerizing portrayal” of the late royal. The Hollywood Reporter‘s David Rooney said that the actress’ “finely detailed work on the accent and mannerisms is impeccable” and that she “has seldom been more magnetic, or more heartbreakingly fragile.”

Meanwhile, the New York TimesKyle Buchanan called her casting as a “meta stroke of genius.” After all, the actress certainly understands the scrutiny and pressure Diana faced.

“If Diana doesn’t always want to come out of her room, you can imagine that Stewart has felt those feelings, too,” he wrote. “Whether she plays the game or not, there’s no real way to win.”

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