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Indian Dalal Altaf Hussain Appeals To Break Pakistan Apart

Indian Pimp Altaf Hussain Appeals to Break Pakistan
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Not a day passes when this vile man exposes his inner filth towards a country that has given him so much even when he did not deserve it. Altaf Hussain appeals to break Pakistan apart by demanding United States Congress issue a bill like Tibet declaring provinces of Balochistan and Sindh as separate countries.

Altaf Hussain is no stranger to the people of Pakistan. He has led an era of violence, terrorism, and brutality since 1984 by first organizing a political party based on ethnicity, then indoctrinating the youth by transforming them into blood-hungry terrorists.

Thousands of innocent civilians and security personnel in Karachi and different parts of Sindh have been murdered by his act of terrorism until the Pakistani state decided to finally crush his organization known as Mutahida Quami Movement (MQM).

Altaf Hussain’s inability to create chaos and to terrorize Pakistanis is now on the brink of failure when his terror network has been successfully dismantled by the mighty state of Pakistan which is why he has now openly come to make anti-Pakistan statements.

His political activists have burnt down Pakistan national flags and openly displayed anti-Pakistan sentiments despite the fact that their political party the MQM has even contested elections and ruled the province for the most part of its existence.

It is now for Pakistanis to admit their failure in electing or giving political space to such a vile and hateful terrorist who is now openly working as an Indian proxy in the region. It is for Pakistani policy-makers, the establishment and the leaders to admit that they have failed -Pakistan by letting Altaf Hussain and his political party to flourish. No country on earth tolerates this level of treason, no country survives this kind of betrayal.

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