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How tWitch Boss and Allison Holker Danced Their Way Into Our Hearts

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He, in turn, found himself transfixed by her performances (“I’ve been brought to tears a couple times,”) and certainly attracted enough that “she did catch me checking her out in the hallway,” he admitted. “Like, bad,” she allowed.

So, he reasoned to the mag, “She knew the interest was there on my part.” And yet they couldn’t get in sync. 

Her first choreographed moves simply weren’t bold enough for Boss, who recalled chatting her up years earlier at a party thrown by mutual friend and SYTYCD season two finalist Ivan Koumaev. “We met there for the first time, but Allison doesn’t remember at all! Meanwhile, I had blond hair and piercings, so I’m not sure how you’d forget me, but that’s neither here nor there,” he told Dance Spirit. Couple that with the fact that they barely chatted throughout their stint as all stars “and I thought she wasn’t interested.”

Known for her passionate, expressive dancing, Holker struggled to do the same IRL. “I didn’t just make one move—I made, like, 10 moves and he wasn’t seeing them, so I had to put myself out there even more,” she said. 

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