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How Hasan Minhaj’s Mother Helped Him Prep for The Morning Show

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If only every news show opened with a song and dance!

The Morning Show‘s Hasan Minhaj exclusively revealed to E! News how that catchy intro opposite Reese Witherspoon came to be. Minhaj joins season two of the hit AppleTV+ series, premiering today, Sept. 17, playing Eric Nomani, Witherspoon’s new co-anchor. Jumping into season two was a whirlwind for Minhaj, who detailed the “great vibe” of the A-list ensemble cast, which includes Jennifer Aniston, Billy Crudup, Karen Pittman and fellow season two addition Julianna Margulies

“I actually found out about the role during my sister’s wedding, so we were getting ready to go to her wedding reception and my agent emailed me this audition and he said, ‘Listen, man, I think you’d actually be perfect for this,’ and I was already in a suit and I was already ready to go, I just needed somebody to read the lines with me,” Minhaj hilariously recalled. “My wife Beena refused to read the lines, so I asked my mom.”

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