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How Becky G’s New Beauty Brand Empowers the Latinx Community

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E! News: Your eyeshadow palette also includes affirmations that are positive reminders to feel good about yourself. Can you share a little more about why it was it important for you to incorporate those messages? 

BG: “The beauty space is filled with a lot of fun and cool trends, but sometimes trends can make you think, ‘Am I good enough for it? Am I cool enough to do that?’ Growing up on the internet and getting discovered off of the internet, it’s not always been the most positive and uplifting place. But I’m definitely more of a glass-half-full, not a half-empty kind of person…It’s that process of self-discovery and part of that self-discovery has been self-acceptance. That’s something that is a daily practice—some days I’m tuned into that higher frequency and some days me cuesta un poco más [it costs me a little bit more].”

“It’s one of those honest things that I share with my fans all the time. It takes work and it takes effort, and you are worthy of putting that effort into yourself. Especially in minority communities, we’re dealing with so much pressure, not just as young women or young individuals to look a certain way or speak a certain way, but then on top of that, we have to become successful. We have to carry around all of these generational cycles, and prevail, and do great things. And it’s like, ‘Can I just have a moment?!’ So practicing those affirmations has done so much for me, and to infuse that a little bit into something, even if it goes over one’s head, they’re touching something that is so intentional. And I think that that’s really beautiful.”

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