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High Court Releases Child-Pornographer On Bail

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A new low for the judicial system in Pakistan, it appears that the judges in Pakistan are more of client satisfying pimps than justice serving Qazis. This man named Amin was arrested by Federal Investigation Agency back in 2017 after Norwegian embassy lodged the complaint against this man.

Amin was responsible for producing 650,000 pictures and videos related to child pornography which were recovered from the convict’s possession after his arrest. According to the report, Amin was connected to the international child pornographers namely Jan Lindstrom in Sweden, Giovani Betotti in Italy, Max Hunter in US, Andrew Moody and Mukhtar in UK. The FIA had produced eleven witnesses against the convict.

Despite of all the evidences, High Court has decided to release this animal on bail in a typical, classic Pakistani justice system style. Pedophilia is a lost case in our country. No one even want to talk about it and accept that its a serious problem eating our children from inside.

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