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Hear Why RHOC Alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is Moving to New York

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“Fernanda and I are still good, we’re still together, but we’re both doing our own thing,” Braunwyn revealed. “She’s been in California, I’ve been in Hawaii. I think we’ll always be friends but geographically it’s been a little hard to spend time together.”

Meanwhile, Braunwyn’s husband Sean Burke fully supports her big move.

“He thinks it’s a good choice,” Braunwyn said. “He knows this has always been a dream of mine, and he kind of sees some of the things that are happening. He’s like, ‘I support you. The kids are going to be OK.’ And I’ll fly back and forth.” 

So, it seems like the door to RHOC is closed…at least for now. “Well, my best friend was cast, Noella Bergener,” Braunwyn noted of the cast shake-up for season 16. “Unfortunately we haven’t spoken since. Her husband James [Bergener] is an amazing guy. He’s a very hard worker. This is something this was like a bad business thing that’s happened and he’s been taking care of it. This isn’t new.”

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