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Hafeez denounces the harassment incident in Lahore

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Pakistani all-rounder Muhammad Hafeez, on Sunday, reacted to the video that went viral over social media. Hafeez denounced the incident.

Hafeez also urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to introduce such a law that deals with the harassers in the strictest manner.

While terming the unacceptable incident a “painful and condemnable act”, Hafeez said that women have equal rights in Islam.

He further added, “A mindset exists and developing in our society.”

Police yet to arrest the culprit

Lahore police are yet to arrest the man who has harassed the girl near Greater Iqbal Park on independence Day, media reported.

However, a case was registered at the Lari Adda police station on the SHO’s complaint, after witnessing the incident through the video.

As per FIR, the incident took place on Circular Road, near gat 1 of the Graeter Iqbal Park.

The report further states approximately 10-12 “morally unrestrained” men who were riding motorcycles, harassed two women with a child seated in between them.

According to the FIR, the video shows motorcyclists pursuing the rickshaw, catcalling and leering at the women, as well as making obscene gestures.

“One of the men, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, jumped onto the rickshaw to forcibly kiss one of the women on her cheek and also tried to tear her clothes off,” it noted.

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